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Amazing Glazing in Aberdare from Principality Windows Ltd, your local, friendly, trusted uPVC Window & Door and Composite Door experts.
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Here at Principality Windows in Aberdare, we strive on excellence and perfection. The most important part of our business is you, the customer. Nowadays there are so many window companies at our fingertips, and many of those give the industry a bad name. We have built our business on trust, excellent products & service and referrals from satisfied customers. To achieve this we operate certain methods to ensure you are our next happy customer:

  1. We do not employ commission based salesmen, so there is no hard sell and no over-inflated prices to cover commissions.

  2. We do not employ sub-contractors, so our fitters are where they should be, when they should be there. They are are also insured, trained and monitored to ensure the best and most reliable service possible

  3. We do not provide the cheapest products, so you know that our competitive and realistic prices will guarantee you modern, secure and attractive products which are fully guaranteed and designed to do the job they are made for, unlike cheaper alternatives which will result in callout after callout for years to come.

  4. We do not provide the most expensive products, so you know that we are not like National companies that boast "the best" or "the most secure" windows and doors. Our products are on par with "the best, most secure" products, but without the price tag. After all, why should you pay for our advertising and management bonuses?

  5. We are honest. If something can be repaired, or your windows need new glass, we will tell you - we won't try to sell you a new window if you only need glass or a repair.

Frequently Asked Questions

a rated windows aberdare

Will my house be warmer if I upgrade to new windows?

In short, the answer is yes, probably. A staggering 26% of all domestic heat loss occurs through your windows. Upgrading to A-Rated windows can make a real, noticeable difference in both summer and winter. In the winter, heat is kept inside the house where you want it, whilst in the summer heat is kept out of the house, allowing you to regulate the temperature yourself all year around, and at a fraction of the cost - because you will need your heating on less. 


For your peace of mind, we price all of our jobs based on C-Rated glass, and upgrade for free to A-Rated, to help do our bit for the environment whilst saving you money.

My friend knows someone that can do my windows very cheap, why should I use Principality Windows instead?

In general, you get what you pay for. It is doubtful that your friend will be running a sustainable business, which means the windows will probably be budget or poor quality ones, there will be no insurance should anything go wrong, no guarantee with your widows and nobody to call if anything needs attention in the future. If your friend's friend is so good at fitting windows, why isn't he busy working as a window fitter?

I will be away on holiday, can I delay my installation?

Of course you can - we're all entitled to a holiday! Although we can install the majority of orders within 3 weeks, you are welcome to tell us when you would prefer us to fit your windows and doors. As long as the paperwork and deposit have been administered, we are happy to work to your diary as much as possible. Just let us know when you are placing your order and we'll ensure a stress free delayed installation for you at no extra cost.

How much will new windows and doors cost me?

Windows need to be measured and discussed with you. You need to decide whether your new windows will be a copy of your existing ones, or whether you would prefer to change the colour, types and numbers of openings, whether you want clear, obscure or patterned/bevelled glass etc. Therefore, unless you are able to provide this information and measurements (in metric, width x height), we would suggest booking a free consultation in order for us to produce an accurate no-obligation quotation for you. Windows are priced according to their size, colour, openings and glazing, so it is impossible for any company to give you an accurate price without knowing the above details.

Doors are much easier to price, as their price is calculated based on the chosen options, for example style, colour, hardware and glazing. Once you have chosen your design, we will provide you with an accurate quotation. If you would like to proceed with an order, everything can be handled via email, unless you would prefer to come and see us, or for us to come and see you. Once we have everything confirmed on our paperwork (which we can email to you) and your deposit has been received, we will arrange for a surveyor to visit you to perform a pre-installation survey, following which we will place your order into manufacture ready for installation.

fensa 36910

Are you FENSA registered?

Yes, we are FENSA Certified Installers. Our FENSA Certificate number is 36910 (shown opposite) and confirmation of our membership on the FENSA website can be seen by clicking  here.

Click here to see why placing your business with a reputable FENSA Certified Installer is the sensible thing to do in a world of cowboys and rogue traders.

What door is best for my property?

We can provide uPVC doors, GRP Composite Doors and Solid Timber Composite Doors. The choices and options are endless, but most people nowadays opt for a GRP Composite Door. Composite Doors offer ultimate security, high thermal efficiency, are extremely attractive and are very cost effective. We provide Distinction, Residor or Rockdoor. uPVC doors offer a low cost solution, but do not provide the same level of thermal efficiency or security and are not as attractive as Composite Doors.

How long will my order take to install?

Generally all orders are completed within 3 weeks of survey. At busier times of year, such as Christmas, our manufactures put a cut off date in place, to ensure they can complete a sustainable level of orders to the expected high quality. This can add to our completion duration, but we will let you know this when you place your order with us.

My glass is steaming up but I don't think I can afford new windows. 

If your glass is steamed up, it is quite likely that you only need to replace the glass units, and not the entire window. We are happy to take a look for you and offer our advise. If, for any reason, you do need new windows, we will always do our best to work within your budget and can also recommend a finance company that could help to make the work more attainable. If you have trouble with a lock, a handle, broken or misted glass you probably need a repair or component replacing - we will not try to sell you an entire window or door if you don't need one, unless you ask us for a price!

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