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Condensation, misted glass, stiff locks, awkward to open windows or doors? You may not need to replace them, let us repair them and reglaze your windows to save money!

Would you buy a new car just because of a flat tyre, or a new mobile phone because your battery is flat? No - then why would you spend more money than is needed on windows or doors that don't need replacing either? If you have misted glass, or suffer from condensation, we are happy to fit replacement glass units for you. In many cases, window and door locking mechanisms, handles and opening mechanisms can also be replaced or repaired at a fraction of the cost of replacing them. Speak to us today about your window and door problems and we will let you know if a repair can be performed, and what the price will be to do so. Of course, if you ask us for new windows or doors, we are more than happy to oblige, but we will not try to sell you anything new if a repair can be done. Fill out the form below to make an enquiry or contact us..

misted units and condensation

If you have condensation inside your windows, a window or door that is difficult to open, close, lock or unlock you may benefit from a repair rather than a replacement. In some cases it is possible, and much more affordable, to rectify a fault rather than to replace the item. If an emergency repair is required, you may not have the money saved up to buy new - that's where a service engineer can help you.

Principality Windows are experts in Windows and Doors, so if something can be fixed, we'll be able to fix it. Likewise, if your windows are fine, and only glass is required, we won't try to sell you a window! We'll be absolutely honest with you and, if a repair is possible, we won't try and tell you it isn't. We have built our business on trust, happy customers and recommendations, so we know the value of honesty and excellent customer service. There's nothing to lose by asking a question.


If you would like to discuss a potential repair please get in touch.

Free no-obligation glazing & repair quotation

Please give us as much information as possible to help us to help you. If you would rather speak to us over the telephone please call 01685 884 960. You can also email your enquiry to We aim to respond to all enquiries within 24 hours Mon-Fri.

glazing and window repairs
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